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Jessy Chan
I have been using Marketo for about 4-5 years and have never taken any certification exam. Recently I am thinking of taking it but yet wonder if this is necessary. Can anyone who has been certified,  share your reason why you did it and how it has impacted you?  Thank you.

James Zolinski
An email template of ours seems to have 2 different fonts. At the bottom of the email template is a grey box with a link for leads to visit an email preference center or just unsubscribe. It looks like "preference" and "unsubscribe" are 2 different fonts or sizes. I've tried to fix this but am not sure what needs to be fixed. Can someone help me
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Soledad Angel
Hello all,   We have build a preference center in the COE which I understand it takes care of all people across all spaces. We have workspaces for our regions and one for a child company that we are now on-boarding. Data will be shared across regions and child company, but the incoming leads for our child company should receive/view their