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Jeremy Foote
We have a webinar campaign that had a handful of leads removed from it over the weekend. We're having difficulty determining which campaign may have deleted these leads. Besides digging through dozens of campaigns, whats the best way to see how leads may have been removed from this program? Thanks in advance.

Erik Heldebro
Our next Marketo User Group (and first for this new branch for Stockholm) will be sponsored and hosted by ON24 who is both a Marketo customer and technology partner.   ON24 will be showcasing how they work with Marketo, with their Head of Marketing EMEA flying in from London.   Practical details: Date: Tuesday October 16 2018 Time:
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Ophir Gal
Hi, I have build a landing page for a campaign, based on Landing Page Template - Guided. It is fair on desktop (not too flexible though) but the problem is when going mobile: 1. Photos stays the same size (banner image, image on body) so they looked cut-out (half image) 2. Youtube videos (embed as iframe) the same 3. Navigation header (where