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Kevin Weisenberger
Hi,   I have a department that is sending compliance related emails which require the unsubscribe link to be completely removed from ALL of their emails. We understand the risk of doing this and are monitoring it closely by creating a separate workspace for them to operate out off that is tightly controlled. I now need to adjust their email

Courtney Tobe
Is it possible to set up the HTML Message in the Email Admin section to point to an external unsubscribe page? We built an unsubscribe preference center in our CMS and we would like to point to that and have that be the URL that shows up in the footer for all email templates. Is this possible or does it have to be a Marketo landing page?  
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Hi,   We purchased the functionality - Deliverability Tools. Do I need to include the seedlist - static list in every email program to get some sort of reports?   Not sure how to best use the Deliverability package. Is there any user guide available?   Which type of report would be helpful? The report section looks like this and