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Tomoe Morimoto
Hey Guys I was Practicing for the MCE again and I needed to renew it. I notice the old practice test was gone.. This is a Practice test I created in the past with some questions. I know alot of its old based on the practice exam. It will help you to pass the exam.  I plan to add all the questions from  Sample Questions for MCE Exam:

This is the fourth part in my series of sample questions to help you practice for the MCE exam. Part 1 on Admin & Operational topics can be found here. Part 2 on Analytics & Reporting can be found here. Part 3 on Lead Lifecycle can be found here.     Questions Answers Correct Answer You need to mark individuals as attended as
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Avinash Agrawal
I have read through the Product Doc, still not able to find satisfactory information on following topics on MCE exam (under lead management)   Marketo Certification: MCE Exam Topics :   Identify the parties who should determine the criteria and values for scoring. ([Avinash] I know how to change a score. But what parties would like to