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Bryant Chang
Is it possible to surface an account specific field on the lead object in SFDC?   So I noticed that we are populating the field "Phone (SFDC Account)" and pushing this to SFDC.   I want to be able to surface this on the lead object (before convert), but it is not an available field. I did notice if the lead is converted to an contact and… (Show more)
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Aarij Khan
Hi all, How are these different in practical use? The main use case for us is for downstream SDRs, to identify what program the person came through (e.g. a particular collateral piece in a bucket of downloadable assets?). Seems redundant, what are we missing? Thanks in advance.
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Nick Borg-Barthet
Hi there I scheduled an email to go out at a specific time 11:30am, some of my subscribers received it at roughly this time. Some of my subscribers received it at 10:30pm and 9:00am.    Has anyone else encountered this problem?
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Morgan Corbett
We're shifting from a general marketing strategy to a Named Account strategy. Does anyone have any suggestions for how the Marketo revenue model should be set up differently?   For instance, instead of MQL should we create a new stage called "AQL" - Account qualified lead.   If you have any experience with ABM, I am interested to know what's… (Show more)
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Brian Law
If you use Record Types in SFDC, you can set the Record Type ID in Marketo. Set the value before using the “Sync Lead to SFDC” flow step. Insert the 18-character ID, not the name of the Record Type. Work with your SFDC Admin to get the Record Types IDs and to determine the logic for which records should get which IDs.  Since the Record Type is… (Show more)
I have a requirement where the client is asking to encrypt/hash users' email addresses in the unsubscribe link in any marketo email. Can we do this in Marketo, and if yes, then can anyone share their knowledge on how to implement this in Marketo? Would be a great help
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Kevin McMahon
So I recently received a picture of a handwritten list of attendees at an event we had...not cool. It's 2017 so I knew there was a better way. It didn't take me long to figure out Marketo has an events app - what is your experience with this app? Pros and cons? Looks like from just going through the docs pages that it doesn't work on phones, only… (Show more)
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Jay Jiang
Is it just me or is the Marketo Events app missing from the Android Google Play store?   I've found the apk on other sites but just wondering where's it gone on the official Google Play store.
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Vidhi Khare
Hi, We are trying to extract the Dynamic URL in the email campaign. However, as of now, we are just previewing an email to see the dynamic url and saving it manually. We are looking for a tool or api which will extract URLs including Dynamic URLs from email campaign without going through lot of steps.   Thanks,
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Sarah Mayer
I'm wondering if anyone logs their Marketo mass emails as an activity in Salesforce? Right now we only log the emails that our reps send on-off as an activity in Salesforce, but I'm thinking there are benefits to logging Marketo emails as well?
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