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Sevag Sarkissian
I have a bunch of LI lead gen forms syncing to Marketo once a lead submits their details. One of my LinkedIn lead gen forms suddenly stopped syncing leads 2 days ago. Has been working fine since the beginning of the month and all leads have been coming through. Can anyone please advise on why this is and how to rectify the problem so leads can… (Show more)
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Diana Watts
Hi community   We've been experiencing issues with the LinkedIn lead gen integration. We've been using it this year with no problems at all, but we discovered that LinkedIn recently changed a few things at their end which meant our integration stopped working. We initially found we couldn't reauthorise it, but Marketo support worked with LinkedIn… (Show more)
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Diedert Debusscher
I added a Social Button on our webinar registration confirmation page, to promote social sharing of our webinars while collecting social profile data as well. But in a test run I now see that the "Marketo Social Twitter Id." field (which should contain the Twitter handle) is overwritten by number (of many digits) which seems meaningless to me.… (Show more)
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Jeffrey Hanrahan
I have a scenario where three teams would be consolidated into one and changing their name. We wanted to know if we were to archive a partition that exist and then change the name on the partition. After we change the name will it the name in the archive change as well or will it keep the old name?
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saurabh Pal
Hi, While working on the landing page, I found that the social share tag is not posting any content on my facebook wall where its working fine on Twitter and LinkedIn. Please let me know if there is any solution for the issue as I have tried static content and Meta tags both but this is not resolved.
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Artium Bu
Hello,   Is it possible to create a hidden token field ({{}}) for example, in a form?
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NTTData MKTOSupport
Hi All,   We have a situation where we need to create a lead in instance B based on the form fill out of instance A. The problem here is we have different pod urls for instance A (// and B (//   Is it possible to create leads in instance B based on the form fill out of instance A?   Thanks.
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Becky Starkey
I am in the process of hiring am automation/operations manager and looking to have him do a project of some sort to help me understand his level of expertise. Is there anything else I can do to confirm skill level?   A few ideas I have are: Identify lifecycle operational campaign, what are the rule and is there already a campaign set up based… (Show more)
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Kristi Bielewicz
This survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who was able to participate.   -------   The Marketo Product Team is gathering customer feedback, and we could use your help! This short survey will take approximately 2 minutes.   Link to survey:   Thanks in advance!
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